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Always a Catch

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My stomach full, I licked my lips with the meal fully conquered and resting peacefully down in my belly. Content was a small word to use how I felt, but it would do for now. I was indeed, content.

Thankfully for me, my Aunt had a late-night swimming class tonight. It wasn’t too late, I glanced at the clock earlier and it had been ten til six. The Spring time air greeted me with a swift wave along the front of my body. Zipping up the front of my jacket, I continued down the street.

I had left a note on a refrigerator. Told her I was going to be out with Johnny for the next few hours. Promised to be back before eleven, all of that. It was a school night, after all.

Sticking my second-to-last clove into the corner of my mouth, I sucked in the charred smoke and continued down a series of blocks. John didn’t live too far off from me. We exchanged when we’d be over at the other’s residence. His turn this week. He owed me for the shit that I pulled him out of during school, last Friday.

That thought made me grin. My mind raced back to that moment almost in slow motion, Johnny’s pale, red topped head diving under a lunch table. One of the school’s “big-baddies” thought it was him that had nudged him earlier that day. Must’ve been easy to deduce it to good ol’ John-boy, the way his lanky, skinny body could produce enough force to toss the “Goliath” a few feet.

The guy had been pissed off. Wasn’t interested in hearing any reason or going with any sorta logic that still bobbed inside that useless head-can of his.

Blowing out a puff of smoke from the clove, I made it to Johnny’s. His nice had been nicer than my Aunt’s. The garden had been tended to recently, the windows were dutifully cleaned, and the painted still have that new house glitter that you somehow noticed when you were a little kid, peddling down a street in your bike, zipping past everyone in a hurry. Even though the air was gripped by the fresh, cool feeling of Spring Johnny’s house gave me a feeling of warmth.

Sorta like I belonged.

Before I arrived at the front door I flicked away the now dead clove. Johnny’s parents knew I smoked, it was hard not to smell it on my heavy jacket. They let me live my own life, mentioned something about “kids always had a reason to rebel”. Didn’t know what I was rebelling about, but that worked just fine for me. Knocking hair, I was welcomed with the insightful eyes of Johnny’s father, Bill.

“Hey, Bill.” I called him by his first name, didn’t like me saying ‘Mr. Houston’, or ‘Johnny’s dad’. Liked it better as Bill. “Came over to check up on Johnny, he hanging around?”

Bill nodded in his usual way, smiling as he opened the door as an invitation. “Sure, Jackson, he’s right upstairs in his room. You know the drill, you know, for the lady.”

I always gave Bill an odd look for that added bit. He did it every time, but I understood. Tossing my shoes to the side of the door, I trotted up the stair case past the kitchen. Juliet, Johnny’s mother, had made something magnificent. I didn’t bother commenting on it. Johnny was likely going to fill me in when I arrived upstairs.

Blasting past his sister’s room I got to the one with an AC DC poster hung on the front. Knocking, the loud music had covered up Johnny’s welcome as I walked in.

It was probably when I walked in that our adventure, and our problems, started.


Goals For the Week

I’ve decided that instead of creating stuff for the “year”, I’d focus more on the week. Weeks are manageable, easier to maintain, and I’m able to see results at a faster rate. This would allow me to adjust accordingly, if for say I’d like to re-roll (tabletop term / DnD term) the same goal for the next week if maybe I wasn’t too happy with the outcome.

This is going to be an important moment for me. I’ve yet to accomplish major goals of mine that I’ve always liked to. There’s quite a bit I’m going to have to work on.

For this week, here’s what my checklist looks like –

  • Become up-to-date with all classes come Saturday evening
  • Complete up to ten hours of work (or complete all work, whichever is first)
  • Make sure to work out at least two hours (free form)
  • Keep up with three meals a day
  • Sleep a total of seven hours a night
  • Write nearly 5,000 words on current fiction story
  • Complete 10 new blog posts by Saturday evening

So far, I’ve done fairly well with my classes. It’s only the first day. Can’t expect too much. Regarding work, there’s a growing stack of required tasks for me that I’ve waited until tonight to do, while not what I initially wanted it is Monday – baby steps.

Now, seeing that I ride my bike to school every day that takes roughly fifteen minutes there and then another fifteen back. I’m not going to be counting those into the two hours (don’t want to make it too easy!) I’m hoping to begin with at least twenty minutes a day by doing basic workouts and gradually placing more on each week.

Why three meals a day? Because I’m a college student and I constantly find myself not eating enough. As I write this now, I sit in the buzzed-filled library on campus and still hear my stomach rumbling alongside the roar of the ever growing crowd. I’m doing it to at least push for a healthier diet to ensure my body doesn’t fluctuate too much during the school days. Same goes for seven hours of sleep. I do not plan on being sleep deprived during classes and would prefer to not nap during the day. It’s always been a favorite of mine but I have too much to do! Have to keep up with everything and I want to avoid going into the wee-hours to make up work.


Writing is a given. I have multiple projects I’m working on and I need to get those rolling. Rather than focus on writing “pieces”, I figured a weekly word count would get my fingers moving. Gather those ancient ideas.

The blog posts count is another project I’d like to keep alive. I gave up on my previous one because I became too lazy and decided to never find the time. I’m going to ensure that this time around, I do find the time. I am going to make it the best experience I can make it.

There you have it folks! There’s my goal list for this week.

I’d love to hear other people’s goals as well. If it’s for this year, go for it! Maybe a daily goal? Weekly? Monthly? Whatever it is – I want to hear about it. Share it with me, to help keep us both honest!