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Google Plus and Why You Need To Be There

I’m a huge fan of Google Plus. I’ve been using Google Plus predominately for well over four months. While I’ve been there for that small amount of time, I’ve been learning quite a bit.

My biggest discovery is that you can no longer be invisible. If you’re interested in being a writer, or you’re a business owner a face should be associated with you. To present yourself in such a way can be difficult. The idea of placing a face to your business, your personal face for example, has been a concept the internet had pulled away from. Although, Google Plus wants to pull the shroud from over other’s faces.


Because of this, Google Plus has become the ultimate playground for businesses, writers, artists – those with a much more creative lifestyle, even in their work, will enjoy this and get the most out of this. Yes, your circle of friends that you sometimes do not see every day may not be on there but that’s okay! This isn’t want Google Plus is used for, It’s used for getting to know new people you would have never had the chance to meet otherwise.

Naturally, it’s nerve wracking  for those to begin. There are always simple questions that pop up: Am I doing this right? Did I share too much? How do I do that really cool thing someone else did? Should I join these people? Should I follow them?

It’s quite a bit to take in all at once – we’ve all been there. My favorite process when I’m working on a problem of similar size is to break it down and work it into chunks.

Best way to start off: Check out the What’s Hot section, write a comment. 

It’s simple, a good way to start things off and see that not everything on Google Plus is terrifying. You might have a few people commenting you, maybe even mention you, and they’ll like the comment. As you start out you’ll begin to understand that engaging will be you best friend. Engagement is how you begin to have people follow you – never forget to share anything, too!

Next step: See who Google Plus recommends for you to follow.

There will be a selection of handful of individuals who have a wide range of followers. Those followers have circled that person for a reason – go find out why! Watch them post material, see what they’re talking about and the most important thing: Watch them engage! Engagement is what Google Plus is all about.

Another step to finish up your first day: Write a little bit about yourself.  

That can happen in your “about” section, write a quick post saying something about yourself, or even making your profile a bit prettier. You’re going to want to get rid of that blue face, as well. Share with others what you look like, and something creative, or just cool to look at, in your cover picture. The more you flesh the page towards yourself, you’ll find more people beginning to follow you, and engaging with you!

All of this never happens within a day (unless you have some time for it!) and don’t expect tremendous results. Everything happens in time. Give it a few days, share, comment, post some stuff that you think are cool or something you’ve written. This place is made for those who are looking to be creative – utilize that aspect!

To help you start, here’s a quick list of people you’ll want to start following Google Plus: Mark Traphagen, Martin Shervington, Sean Cowen, Wil Wheaton, John Ellis and Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales.

Check them all out, they’re fantastic.

You a writer? Here’s a few cool people (and even a few local brands who are spectacular and run around on Google Plus) who you should definitely check out: Demian Farnworth, Copyblogger, David Amerland, Jesse Wofdylo, Dustin Stout, Jason Brick, and SEOWiSE.

An excellent selection for those wishing to dabble in the world of Google Plus. Here is also my own Google Plus page, you may find me here as Zack PalmI promise I don’t bite, and I invite everyone to give Google Plus a try – it’s a higher quality experience!



Three Hours Before Hurt Time

In three hours, I’ll return to my college schedule. Am I excited? Partially. It’s always a fun to begin classes again, start learning something new and begin forward. Other times, I remember how the rest of the term typically turns out.

That’s the sour memory. Running around to finish assignments right at the deadline. Pushing them back as much as possible if only to find myself a few hours of desperate sleep. Not the best moments of my life, but I’m certainly still here. Still standing strong!

This term shouldn’t be too daunting. I’m participating in two writing classes, one math class, and taking a basic chemistry class. Physics has me most interested (writing classes are a full given) because I haven’t taken it since I was in high school. While that may have only been five years it feels as if I had it in another life time.

What’s the best way I can optimize my time? Scheduling. While I type this up, I’m beginning to reset my Google Calender from my previous term. Updating where I need to be, what I should be doing at any given time and what’s going to be happening at least a few days ahead of schedule.

This term, I’m going to try something different. Here’s my plan for this term that I’m hoping sticks with me:

  • Work hours that are cement
  • Hours I give to “play”
  • Writing hours
  • If in trouble, write in times to better adjust myself.

The two that are likely going to give myself the most trouble are going to be “Works hours” and “Hours to play”. I’m horrible at keeping the same work hours when I’m on my laptop (I work online as a content curator). Sometimes I’m in the mood to do the work, other times I’ll push it back to a later date. While it’s not the best choice I always get the deadlines met!

What I’m hoping may motivate me to work harder this term is the fact that some nights I could “roll over” my hours to play to another date. Perhaps for a good two nights I read Physics notes or stick my head into the math book. I could then spend a Friday evening with a bit more free time in my lap and do some well-needed gaming (or catch up on sleep <which is unlikely>!).

It’s another year, a new start for me. This blog speaks of my resolve to be someone different. I’m already on an excellent footing by even writing this blog entry.

Excitement for more than school? Definitely. The first day back always gives me goosebumps.

I hope others are enjoying the brand new year. Remember: start thinking about giving yourself goals. I may, later this evening, create a list of goals that I should begin following and update every so often with readers.

I could use some excellent people to help keep me honest!


Happy Monday, everyone!