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Stuck in my Head

I’ve been working for most of this weekend. I’ll be working a majority of tomorrow as well, doing some editorial work for a friend of mine, mentor really. While working I typically find myself listening to music. It allows me to have this small background noise while I work through everything.

One particular song I’ve had while I was doing my routine had been “Lift Me Up“, preformed by the fantastic¬†Five Finger Death Punch. Not too familiar with these fantastic musicians? Here’s the song –

I decided to play it, over and over again. It spoke to me. Quite a few songs that were created by these talented artists have always spoken to me rather well. That excites me the most. When a band is able to play a song and have it speak to me, it’s fantastic. ¬†I build stories around them, I have a deep connection with the song itself, and I find myself being unable to pull away from it.

The song speaks to me in a way of how I use to feel. I always wanted to take on the world. Have it try to spit me back out, I rarely had the chance for that to happen – maybe that’s why I never backed down from challenges. I failed, hard sometimes given how big the obstacle was in comparison.

Regardless, I loved it. Taking on hard challenges and moving on meant the world to me.

What does your favorite song mean to you? What is it? I’d love to hear.