Day One without Coffee

While this was not a weekly goal, this is more of an experiment. I contribute quite a bit of last term’s “napping” and need for rests due to my attachment to coffee. Taking a stab in the dark, I’m attempting to remove it from my daily regiment.

Instead of coffee, tea has been the selected substitute. Nearly the same process, besides the filter being inside of the cup.

Things haven’t been a too difficult change. The tea has been welcoming in the morning so far. Same warm feeling, the cups are the same. Only thing different is heating the water and not adding any delicious caffeine.

Do I miss it? Without a doubt. Not only for the quick-burst I feel shooting down my arms followed by my heart pumping at a faster pace. The rush you’ll get with the oak aroma slinking into your mildly groggy nostrils with the bitter taste lasting around your tongue.


Coffee could easily default to becoming a treat rather than an everyday vice. The attempt at change should be fine. I’m looking for to wandering around the store and discovering other flavors of tea. Tazo appears to my chosen brand as of yet.

Have any personal choices of your own? I’d love to read about them and give it a try! Not just that, but have others taken a charge in choosing to do away with something similar to coffee. Let me know in the comments.


Goals For the Week

I’ve decided that instead of creating stuff for the “year”, I’d focus more on the week. Weeks are manageable, easier to maintain, and I’m able to see results at a faster rate. This would allow me to adjust accordingly, if for say I’d like to re-roll (tabletop term / DnD term) the same goal for the next week if maybe I wasn’t too happy with the outcome.

This is going to be an important moment for me. I’ve yet to accomplish major goals of mine that I’ve always liked to. There’s quite a bit I’m going to have to work on.

For this week, here’s what my checklist looks like –

  • Become up-to-date with all classes come Saturday evening
  • Complete up to ten hours of work (or complete all work, whichever is first)
  • Make sure to work out at least two hours (free form)
  • Keep up with three meals a day
  • Sleep a total of seven hours a night
  • Write nearly 5,000 words on current fiction story
  • Complete 10 new blog posts by Saturday evening

So far, I’ve done fairly well with my classes. It’s only the first day. Can’t expect too much. Regarding work, there’s a growing stack of required tasks for me that I’ve waited until tonight to do, while not what I initially wanted it is Monday – baby steps.

Now, seeing that I ride my bike to school every day that takes roughly fifteen minutes there and then another fifteen back. I’m not going to be counting those into the two hours (don’t want to make it too easy!) I’m hoping to begin with at least twenty minutes a day by doing basic workouts and gradually placing more on each week.

Why three meals a day? Because I’m a college student and I constantly find myself not eating enough. As I write this now, I sit in the buzzed-filled library on campus and still hear my stomach rumbling alongside the roar of the ever growing crowd. I’m doing it to at least push for a healthier diet to ensure my body doesn’t fluctuate too much during the school days. Same goes for seven hours of sleep. I do not plan on being sleep deprived during classes and would prefer to not nap during the day. It’s always been a favorite of mine but I have too much to do! Have to keep up with everything and I want to avoid going into the wee-hours to make up work.


Writing is a given. I have multiple projects I’m working on and I need to get those rolling. Rather than focus on writing “pieces”, I figured a weekly word count would get my fingers moving. Gather those ancient ideas.

The blog posts count is another project I’d like to keep alive. I gave up on my previous one because I became too lazy and decided to never find the time. I’m going to ensure that this time around, I do find the time. I am going to make it the best experience I can make it.

There you have it folks! There’s my goal list for this week.

I’d love to hear other people’s goals as well. If it’s for this year, go for it! Maybe a daily goal? Weekly? Monthly? Whatever it is – I want to hear about it. Share it with me, to help keep us both honest!

Three Hours Before Hurt Time

In three hours, I’ll return to my college schedule. Am I excited? Partially. It’s always a fun to begin classes again, start learning something new and begin forward. Other times, I remember how the rest of the term typically turns out.

That’s the sour memory. Running around to finish assignments right at the deadline. Pushing them back as much as possible if only to find myself a few hours of desperate sleep. Not the best moments of my life, but I’m certainly still here. Still standing strong!

This term shouldn’t be too daunting. I’m participating in two writing classes, one math class, and taking a basic chemistry class. Physics has me most interested (writing classes are a full given) because I haven’t taken it since I was in high school. While that may have only been five years it feels as if I had it in another life time.

What’s the best way I can optimize my time? Scheduling. While I type this up, I’m beginning to reset my Google Calender from my previous term. Updating where I need to be, what I should be doing at any given time and what’s going to be happening at least a few days ahead of schedule.

This term, I’m going to try something different. Here’s my plan for this term that I’m hoping sticks with me:

  • Work hours that are cement
  • Hours I give to “play”
  • Writing hours
  • If in trouble, write in times to better adjust myself.

The two that are likely going to give myself the most trouble are going to be “Works hours” and “Hours to play”. I’m horrible at keeping the same work hours when I’m on my laptop (I work online as a content curator). Sometimes I’m in the mood to do the work, other times I’ll push it back to a later date. While it’s not the best choice I always get the deadlines met!

What I’m hoping may motivate me to work harder this term is the fact that some nights I could “roll over” my hours to play to another date. Perhaps for a good two nights I read Physics notes or stick my head into the math book. I could then spend a Friday evening with a bit more free time in my lap and do some well-needed gaming (or catch up on sleep <which is unlikely>!).

It’s another year, a new start for me. This blog speaks of my resolve to be someone different. I’m already on an excellent footing by even writing this blog entry.

Excitement for more than school? Definitely. The first day back always gives me goosebumps.

I hope others are enjoying the brand new year. Remember: start thinking about giving yourself goals. I may, later this evening, create a list of goals that I should begin following and update every so often with readers.

I could use some excellent people to help keep me honest!


Happy Monday, everyone!

A New Beginning

Recently, I’ve wanted to clean the slate. It was a hard decision, removing myself from my previous blog that had become cluttered with webs and amassed a mount of dust. My fingers had become reluctant to add to the numerous other posts that had been created months ago. This decision is so that in the future, starting the new year means much more than the calender needing to be refreshed.

I’m looking forward to more time spent on the blog. Sharing more of my endless wave of chats that I find myself continually writing. Hopefully I’ll conjure new inspiration for this location, adventures and stories the like I’ve never dreamed of creating. There’s quite a bit going on inside of my crazy, paranoid brain that desires to share itself with the world.

There’s quite a bit for me to work on.

Here’s to 2014. To a new writer conceiving new pages in his personal book.


The Smallest Effort

There are several things in our bodies we don’t think about. Breathing is one. An action done almost involuntarily for the single role of survival. It’s bred into almost every living thing in our world.

Much like other acts, such as eating or attempting to bred with those of the opposite gender of that species.  Take a choice of personal preference.

Even when those are the best choices for survival, other options have to be considered. There’s the desire to find social activity outside of the family circle. Creating friendships that last as much as they can, or finding that one special person you can’t live without.

Why do are these the thoughts that I have when I’m sitting here, alone in a chair and staring outside. The sun’s about to set. The sky’s dying orange tint mixes with the ever-fading blue. It disguises itself, if only faintly, of a green shade. Almost the apex of beauty.

“Jackson, are you ready for dinner,” my aunt called up downstairs in her shrill voice. Despite her high-pitched vocal tone she was a strong woman. A knack for adventuring and embracing the unknown.

“Almost,” I called down, “let me finish up this essay real fast.”

I had already finished the essay that was due on Monday. Sitting up from my chair from behind my rusted desk, I grabbed an old lunchbox featuring Calvin and Hobbes. My partners in crime hid away my darkest secrets. Opening the near pristine metal container, I grabbed a package of cloves and took one out.

I knew this wasn’t the best for my health, but hell, being seventeen means I get to try things out. Maybe it’s not for the best future. In ten years, they’ll find some God bringing cure to every damn disease known to human.

Slipping the clove into my lips, I snapped the match on the end of the cinder box and inhaled the smoke as it sparked to life. Flickering the smoldering stick along my trusty desk, the window gave my room fresh air. A cylinder of smoke pushed through into the world. I watched it fly up into the clouds. My eyes wavered and drew into the clouds. Most days, I found myself staring up at them with no intended desire.

Was it time to break away? My age broke that dream apart. With only a few more months in this school year, I’d enter my senior year of High School by the end. Things would wonderful then, with the lead up to one of the most vast adventures I could ever experience.


The best time of my life. As I’m told.

Taking another intake of smoke, I stared up at the clouds. I knew it was time for my wings to spread out.

What awaits this bushy-tailed young man that I am? Probably exams, alcohol, women, and whole-lotta no sleep.

Smiling with the clove on the corner of my lips I patted my hands together. The roll of excitement vibrated down my muscles.

“Let’s get started,” I mused.

Survival Games in High Demand

This article by IGN had been a topic I’ve grown fond of. The article’s focus discusses how within the past two to three years survival games have become a fan-favorite players. More and more developers are beginning to create games that have a desire to place the player in a position of being one of the weaker fighters in the game. Creativity and using your brains has become the trend.

Here is a list of games that if you’re unfamiliar with you should and discover them. They are fantastic and are excellent if you want to pit yourself against vastly more powerful foes.

  • Don’t Starve
  • The Last of Us
  • Tomb Raider
  • FTL
  • DayZ
  • Farcry 3

This only a small list of the latest in survival games. Gamers have become much more interested in attempting to live off the world to craft tools, ensure that food levels or water don’t go down, and to sneak around foes that may lurk around any trees or broken walls in the world. Why the sudden desire for these types? That could only be asked by each one, I’m sure that everyone has their own reason for wanting to try these out.


Of the games on my list, The Last of Us is definitely my favorite. Why is it my favorite? The multiplayer features created in the game are fantastic, while not straying too far from the single player experience. Not to mention that Naughty Dog is an excellent company who I’ve supported for years. I grew up with them, and the games that they’re creating lately seem to be growing up with me.

Regardless, the survival demand from The Last of Us does well to balance stealth, gathering crafting supplies, and out matching powerful foes.

It’s a great game to try out for mature players. How powerful is the demand for survival games? DayZ can explain that. Originally, this game had been a mod from another one by the name of Arma II. Someone had created a zombie survival game from the former game that pitted players against each other (or have them work together) while also fighting the presence of zombies all around them.

The map is a massive landscape. Because of the high praise and positive reception from the users of the game, the modders had then created their own standalone mod game that has just been released. While there are several glitches coming from it, it’s a start.

What can we expect from the future of survival games? As of yet, there have only been a handful of other games of this genre coming out in 2014. It’s going to be interesting as the rise of release dates and announcements come out for the holiday seasons.


I’d be really interested in an RPG survival game. In the term of RPG I mean the whole Bioware experience of having companions, conversations, some inventive fighting and excellent story going on in the background while running around gathering supplies to survival battles to come. It would an interesting aspect to mix these two together.

Are there any recommends others have out there for games to try out in the survival genre? Comment below, I’d love to discuss the future and what else is going on in the gaming community.

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