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Stuck in my Head

I’ve been working for most of this weekend. I’ll be working a majority of tomorrow as well, doing some editorial work for a friend of mine, mentor really. While working I typically find myself listening to music. It allows me to have this small background noise while I work through everything.

One particular song I’ve had while I was doing my routine had been “Lift Me Up“, preformed by the fantastic¬†Five Finger Death Punch. Not too familiar with these fantastic musicians? Here’s the song –

I decided to play it, over and over again. It spoke to me. Quite a few songs that were created by these talented artists have always spoken to me rather well. That excites me the most. When a band is able to play a song and have it speak to me, it’s fantastic. ¬†I build stories around them, I have a deep connection with the song itself, and I find myself being unable to pull away from it.

The song speaks to me in a way of how I use to feel. I always wanted to take on the world. Have it try to spit me back out, I rarely had the chance for that to happen – maybe that’s why I never backed down from challenges. I failed, hard sometimes given how big the obstacle was in comparison.

Regardless, I loved it. Taking on hard challenges and moving on meant the world to me.

What does your favorite song mean to you? What is it? I’d love to hear.


What Makes An #Editor publish a Short Story in a #Literary #Magazine?

While I recently wrote about how on Google Plus users need to have engagement with other users around the social media website. Part of that engagement is sharing other’s content that you think is interesting, inviting, cool, or just plain kickass.

In this case, this post crafted by Daily (w)rite is in the kickass category. For those writers out there looking to get their feet wet in writing, check out what she has to share regarding the Cigale Literary Magazine.

Day One without Coffee

While this was not a weekly goal, this is more of an experiment. I contribute quite a bit of last term’s “napping” and need for rests due to my attachment to coffee. Taking a stab in the dark, I’m attempting to remove it from my daily regiment.

Instead of coffee, tea has been the selected substitute. Nearly the same process, besides the filter being inside of the cup.

Things haven’t been a too difficult change. The tea has been welcoming in the morning so far. Same warm feeling, the cups are the same. Only thing different is heating the water and not adding any delicious caffeine.

Do I miss it? Without a doubt. Not only for the quick-burst I feel shooting down my arms followed by my heart pumping at a faster pace. The rush you’ll get with the oak aroma slinking into your mildly groggy nostrils with the bitter taste lasting around your tongue.


Coffee could easily default to becoming a treat rather than an everyday vice. The attempt at change should be fine. I’m looking for to wandering around the store and discovering other flavors of tea. Tazo appears to my chosen brand as of yet.

Have any personal choices of your own? I’d love to read about them and give it a try! Not just that, but have others taken a charge in choosing to do away with something similar to coffee. Let me know in the comments.

Three Hours Before Hurt Time

In three hours, I’ll return to my college schedule. Am I excited? Partially. It’s always a fun to begin classes again, start learning something new and begin forward. Other times, I remember how the rest of the term typically turns out.

That’s the sour memory. Running around to finish assignments right at the deadline. Pushing them back as much as possible if only to find myself a few hours of desperate sleep. Not the best moments of my life, but I’m certainly still here. Still standing strong!

This term shouldn’t be too daunting. I’m participating in two writing classes, one math class, and taking a basic chemistry class. Physics has me most interested (writing classes are a full given) because I haven’t taken it since I was in high school. While that may have only been five years it feels as if I had it in another life time.

What’s the best way I can optimize my time? Scheduling. While I type this up, I’m beginning to reset my Google Calender from my previous term. Updating where I need to be, what I should be doing at any given time and what’s going to be happening at least a few days ahead of schedule.

This term, I’m going to try something different. Here’s my plan for this term that I’m hoping sticks with me:

  • Work hours that are cement
  • Hours I give to “play”
  • Writing hours
  • If in trouble, write in times to better adjust myself.

The two that are likely going to give myself the most trouble are going to be “Works hours” and “Hours to play”. I’m horrible at keeping the same work hours when I’m on my laptop (I work online as a content curator). Sometimes I’m in the mood to do the work, other times I’ll push it back to a later date. While it’s not the best choice I always get the deadlines met!

What I’m hoping may motivate me to work harder this term is the fact that some nights I could “roll over” my hours to play to another date. Perhaps for a good two nights I read Physics notes or stick my head into the math book. I could then spend a Friday evening with a bit more free time in my lap and do some well-needed gaming (or catch up on sleep <which is unlikely>!).

It’s another year, a new start for me. This blog speaks of my resolve to be someone different. I’m already on an excellent footing by even writing this blog entry.

Excitement for more than school? Definitely. The first day back always gives me goosebumps.

I hope others are enjoying the brand new year. Remember: start thinking about giving yourself goals. I may, later this evening, create a list of goals that I should begin following and update every so often with readers.

I could use some excellent people to help keep me honest!


Happy Monday, everyone!

A New Beginning

Recently, I’ve wanted to clean the slate. It was a hard decision, removing myself from my previous blog that had become cluttered with webs and amassed a mount of dust. My fingers had become reluctant to add to the numerous other posts that had been created months ago. This decision is so that in the future, starting the new year means much more than the calender needing to be refreshed.

I’m looking forward to more time spent on the blog. Sharing more of my endless wave of chats that I find myself continually writing. Hopefully I’ll conjure new inspiration for this location, adventures and stories the like I’ve never dreamed of creating. There’s quite a bit going on inside of my crazy, paranoid brain that desires to share itself with the world.

There’s quite a bit for me to work on.

Here’s to 2014. To a new writer conceiving new pages in his personal book.