TableTop, YouTube Gaming – A Game for Everyone (This one’s for writers!)

Haven’t heard of this? This series has been on nearly two years now. I’ve only just caught myself up with the material shared by the fantastic people over at the GeekandSundry YouTube channel. I have to say, I’m a huge fan.

This is a show hosted by the multi talented and hilarious, Wil Wheaton. If you’re a Star Trek fan (or a typical geek such as myself), you’ll know the name holds some weight in the gaming / nerd community. What happens in the show is Wil brings on three other celebrity guests for about anyway from twenty-five to thirty-five minutes places a board game, or a game that can be played on a table.

Hence the name of the show – TableTop.


Spending a bit more time on this channel then I would have liked to over the break (I linked the channel in the beginning paragraph). If you’re a geek or into learning about new games, definitely check them out. They offer several shows produced that you can find and entertain yourself.

To add, I support those looking on Google+ and adding their page to follow. They’re a fantastic network that I believe many should check out and enjoy in their off-time. Certainly relaxing!

Why do I bring this up? Also, why do I think writers should check it out?

Well, one exclusively I started watching immediately had my head spinning with ideas that could happen within it. What is it? It’s a game titled, Once Upon a Time!

The video below has Wil facing off with some other writers who find themselves weaving a story with the cards they hold. I won’t spoil what’s going to happen, but I believe everyone will enjoy the outcome!

If you haven’t subscribed to this channel, I think it’s time that you do. Gaming is for everyone (something Wil says often) and should definitely be tried by those looking for a little relief in their life. A time that can bring families, friends, and other together for a few hours with laughs, tears, or yells of hatred.

Alright, the last one wasn’t exactly the perfect family moment, although which family ever is? Sometimes you need to be angry and frustrated and your loved ones – board games can be your outlet at one another!

Be sure to check out more that GeekandSundry brings up and more from TableTop!


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