Reminder – Psych Tonight!

Here’s a quick shout out to one of my top-five shows of all time. Tonight, Psych is back for season 8 of it’s fantastic run on USA. It’ll be on at 9 pm, PST.

I’ve been watching this show for years. Shawn and Gus’ team work together and chemistry on set is extraordinary. The actors, Mr. Roday and Mr. Hill respectively, work outstandingly with one another. Other than Sam and Dean Winchester (from Supernatural) I haven’t seen two actors click together as well as they do.


Weeks ago, Psych also released a musical special. Have you seen it yet? As long as you provide your Network Provider log in information here on the USA network website (link provided) you can go over and check that out. It was definitely an excellent show, and the lyrics and actors/actresses work on the show was incredible. A big hat tip towards the writers, of course!

I’m going to also post here the trailer for what to expect. Who else is going to be watching? Who else is just as excited?

Psych-o’s unite!


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