Day One without Coffee

While this was not a weekly goal, this is more of an experiment. I contribute quite a bit of last term’s “napping” and need for rests due to my attachment to coffee. Taking a stab in the dark, I’m attempting to remove it from my daily regiment.

Instead of coffee, tea has been the selected substitute. Nearly the same process, besides the filter being inside of the cup.

Things haven’t been a too difficult change. The tea has been welcoming in the morning so far. Same warm feeling, the cups are the same. Only thing different is heating the water and not adding any delicious caffeine.

Do I miss it? Without a doubt. Not only for the quick-burst I feel shooting down my arms followed by my heart pumping at a faster pace. The rush you’ll get with the oak aroma slinking into your mildly groggy nostrils with the bitter taste lasting around your tongue.


Coffee could easily default to becoming a treat rather than an everyday vice. The attempt at change should be fine. I’m looking for to wandering around the store and discovering other flavors of tea. Tazo appears to my chosen brand as of yet.

Have any personal choices of your own? I’d love to read about them and give it a try! Not just that, but have others taken a charge in choosing to do away with something similar to coffee. Let me know in the comments.


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