Survival Games in High Demand

This article by IGN had been a topic I’ve grown fond of. The article’s focus discusses how within the past two to three years survival games have become a fan-favorite players. More and more developers are beginning to create games that have a desire to place the player in a position of being one of the weaker fighters in the game. Creativity and using your brains has become the trend.

Here is a list of games that if you’re unfamiliar with you should and discover them. They are fantastic and are excellent if you want to pit yourself against vastly more powerful foes.

  • Don’t Starve
  • The Last of Us
  • Tomb Raider
  • FTL
  • DayZ
  • Farcry 3

This only a small list of the latest in survival games. Gamers have become much more interested in attempting to live off the world to craft tools, ensure that food levels or water don’t go down, and to sneak around foes that may lurk around any trees or broken walls in the world. Why the sudden desire for these types? That could only be asked by each one, I’m sure that everyone has their own reason for wanting to try these out.


Of the games on my list, The Last of Us is definitely my favorite. Why is it my favorite? The multiplayer features created in the game are fantastic, while not straying too far from the single player experience. Not to mention that Naughty Dog is an excellent company who I’ve supported for years. I grew up with them, and the games that they’re creating lately seem to be growing up with me.

Regardless, the survival demand from The Last of Us does well to balance stealth, gathering crafting supplies, and out matching powerful foes.

It’s a great game to try out for mature players. How powerful is the demand for survival games? DayZ can explain that. Originally, this game had been a mod from another one by the name of Arma II. Someone had created a zombie survival game from the former game that pitted players against each other (or have them work together) while also fighting the presence of zombies all around them.

The map is a massive landscape. Because of the high praise and positive reception from the users of the game, the modders had then created their own standalone mod game that has just been released. While there are several glitches coming from it, it’s a start.

What can we expect from the future of survival games? As of yet, there have only been a handful of other games of this genre coming out in 2014. It’s going to be interesting as the rise of release dates and announcements come out for the holiday seasons.


I’d be really interested in an RPG survival game. In the term of RPG I mean the whole Bioware experience of having companions, conversations, some inventive fighting and excellent story going on in the background while running around gathering supplies to survival battles to come. It would an interesting aspect to mix these two together.

Are there any recommends others have out there for games to try out in the survival genre? Comment below, I’d love to discuss the future and what else is going on in the gaming community.


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